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FlamingFirebolt's News

Posted by FlamingFirebolt - January 10th, 2011

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First time any of my song got used for something on Youtube. And not only once, but twice! ;D

Posted by FlamingFirebolt - August 10th, 2010


Posted by FlamingFirebolt - May 28th, 2010

So my computer is fixed now. First thing i did, was install FL.
I still miss all of my plugins though. And ofcourse, all of my past projects.
But it's a start!
Here's some piano music for you :).

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Posted by FlamingFirebolt - May 15th, 2010

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So yeah my computer died and i lost all of my data..


EDIT: So apperently the fan didn't work properly, resulting into melting the processor. Great. Luckily the shop replaced the processor free of charge! :O.
Isn't that nice...

Posted by FlamingFirebolt - October 7th, 2009

Old news is old! :(
So far i've uploaded the 1 minute masacre song, and also my EP entry.
I've heard the 1 minuten massacre part 1 ( check out Modem on newgrounds ), might be airing on a radio.

So far i've been a proud owner of a virus C, which doesn't work with my soundcard. (YET!)
But i'm working hard on it and even got some sounds of it now. So expect some super awesome synths coming soon. I might post an early demo of what ive been working on with my Hardware!

Yes hardware, so far: EMU Xboard 49, Access Virus C
What's your body collection? Any space-tech involved?


Posted by FlamingFirebolt - May 4th, 2009

I've got some good news, and bad news! First of all, i'll be uploading a new Demo called 'Shards'.
I recently been trying out the Plugin "Native Instrument Massive" and i really like it. Shards is only just experimenting with my new toy. My next song is 100% Massive. Each synth will be made from scratch. Hopefully i'll learn more about synthesis, and it's a great challenge for me :).
The bad news is, i keep popping out demo's and preview's. I can't complete a single song. I don't know what's up with that but wish me luck. Give any feedback on shards, it will definitly help me on further productions. If you got anything idea for me please do tell :).


Back but nothing new yet :(.
I'm hoping for some awesome collab-ness ( Jesse? :D ) but it will be a suprise


I uploaded clouds go check it out :).

So far nothing yet. I recently uploaded 'Wings'. So if you haven't checked it out already do it now :D.
I'm currently really in the trance mood so expect more trance from me in the future.
Next song might be a really dreamy Soft Trance song, or do you have any thoughts? :) Post a reply what you would like to hear.



Posted by FlamingFirebolt - July 3rd, 2008

I've made a new track :Airforce Rampage. It's my first dnb song, and, should be clean! Check it out.

wednesday 4 march 2009
It';s been a long time but now i managed to make another track.! HURAY for writersblock!
So give it a go .End of Spring. GOGO generic title! End of summer, end of winter, and now: .End of Spring.
:D woo!
5 december 2008
.Our collab account
finally got approved. And our newest song
Touch of a Dream is now on NG!!! Go check it out!! .... NOW!!!

Kr1z(The belgium master of dance) and I have a collab coming up! So keeps your eyes peeled for the collab of the lowlands. Yeah!

So please check out our shared account: here!
-Wednesday 15th of octobre-
I've uploaded my halloween entry! Go take a listhen!
.http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/179756
Deeper into the mansion!

-not bothered to fill in date-
I've uploaded the mario dance remix on youtube! To spread world domination >: D
anyhow, please take a look, and please vote :D
For some reason it won't let me embedd it.. so here's the link instead. Don't forget to remove the space or anything.

Linky : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1TNDJ6 XPCw

Quote: Currently allowing embed tags from the following sites:

YouTube, Revver, Vimeo, and GameTrailers.

Liars! >: l
-Saturday 27 of September 2008. 13.05-
I haven't posted in this awhile, doubt anyone would read it but ah well.
To be honest, nothing really big is happening so far. Kinda stuck on evrything and lack of inspiration isn't helping at all. *Sigh*. I wish music making should be easier..
Anyhow, i'm currently working on a secret project, but! Í can tell you what's it about. :P it's a Piano-trance song with probably Vocals! Ah yes, but i'm currently have some diffeculty's finding the right person. Nothing is settled yet so i won't add it to my wip's...
Talking about WIP's. Our collab with karco is probably done ! Woo! BUT, that's because karco bought nexus2 and is unable to open nexus1 files. ( OR something ). So i geuss i'll have to do the finishing touches witch probably won't be as good if karco did them :/. No worry's, if i can get in touch with karco this weekend we'll upload it. He'd better be online >: ll.

Other wip's:
DjFinal - Gravity = Still waiting for a sign of him, haven't got a midi or FLP to start on. He want's to finish the track first before i can start the remix. Oke fair enough but why is it taking so long >: ((.

Xkore? I think this one is on serious doubt. :p i could do more harm to xkore then help so that won't do any good. On the other hand, he has formatted his computer.. again!! *SRSLY what's the point!?*
I might have some slight ideas tough :O.

Happy hardcore - End of summer-ish. Yes! I'm thinking of making another HHC song similair to End of Summer. ( ONLY BETTER!!!) Since alot of people liked it and they want me to make another one! So, i'll give it a few shots. Can't promise anything yet, if i come up with something i'll add it to the WIP's.
(Begin of summer? End of Autumn?... *sigh* )

-Thursday 28 of august 2008. 21.30-
I've uploaded The First Sunrise (Original Mix). My first trance attempt, please give it a listen and a comment. Thanks in advance.
Note: It has my best melo ever!!

-Wednesday 27th of August 2008. 23.14-
Woo! The First sunrise is ALMOST DONE. Yeah!
It's rather short.. Kinda boring intro. Medium break and 1 chorus only.
Yeah it's not that big or anything, and to be honest i can't make i really big. It's my first trance attempt so be a bit soft on me :/.
On the good side, It's my best melo ever, without a doubt!
And more good news, i'll upload it in the next 24 hours or so. ( I hope, i didn't say i promised it.. yet )

-Tuesday 26th of August 2008. 11:45-
Yesterday i started an experiment. I tryd some TRANCE. Yes that's right. Most beutifull genre i suck at. So anyways, it turned out pretty good. I'll try to finish it and give you guys a suprise. Don't expect anything -karco'ish- or something else GOOD. It's just poor trance the firebolt way :)
I'll add it to WIP"s.

-Saturday 23th of August 2008. 18:33-

I'm back! Spain was awesome! And really hot. But for some reason this holiday was a bit boring :/. We went to Blanes. But there wasn't anything to do there! And the food there really sucks. I rather cook it myself. Btw, they eat squids and octopus. I've noticed you can buy them in any supermarket. And it looked really gross :/. And they eat giant lobster there too! you can buy them at the supermarket for 170,-- euro's. ( Expensive? Why yes ofcourse )

Enough food talk. I finally have some inspiration. Finally some producion comming along this way. But as always, i can't promise a single thing. When random shit poppes out, i'll try to upload it!

-Wednesday 6th of August 2008. 11:29-
I'm going on holiday soon so i won't be online till the 22th. Here i come spain! Yeah! ( It's really warm Poh! )

-Monday, 4th of august 2008. 11:48-
I've decided to do a remix! Yay!
A non-videogame remix for once. I'll add it to my WIP as soon as i get the file.
What it is, is still a secret xP.

-Sunday, 3th of august 2008. 23:09-

Several days later i've uploaded Infiltration ( be sure to check it out ). And so far so good. It's my first attempt at 3step (4/3) and it was really fun to make. Maybe in the future i will make another 3step song. Only time will tell :D
Oh, and i've decided to keep up a newspost/blog. :)


Thanks Newgrounds! Triple Digit Fans. Time and date Unknown.
Thanks newgrounds, i've reached 101 fans! AWESOME!

But, im not stopping here! I will contineu making new songs. To start with... Beach melo is now uploaded! ( like 5 seconds ago! )

Expect more cool stuff in the future from me. I may have some suprises here and then in store for you guys. :)




Posted by FlamingFirebolt - June 9th, 2008

/* */
Finally its finished!
its a remix of Energie's song and i fully credit him!

anyways go check it out!
its also on youtube! with my fl screencorded: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDG8hLg VVAQ

please enjoy,


Posted by FlamingFirebolt - May 27th, 2008

Yeah its my bday!
so yeah, another year has passed...


ps. new song coming up soon!

Posted by FlamingFirebolt - May 11th, 2008

endless dream is finished. thank god!
i really had to cut some quality but i listhened to it in the newgrounds player thingy... whatever and it think it aint that bad.
its now down to 256 something.. kbps? or mb i dont know. i just export the damn thing till it finally fits uploading.

so there it is. have fun listhening! its longer then my usual songs. it actually has a second chorus.
i think it wont blow you mind or anything... just something to listhen to :)

please give some criticsm.

heres the link : http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /143208