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Not entirerly sure

I've played Half minute hero. Almost the whole game. I'm not sure if the rest of the reviewers did since i doubt that. Anyhow. I can see how the graphics are related to the game, however the actual story and jokes didn't make any sense. Don't get me wrong, i liked this flash. It's just imo it's not a parody on the game. All in all, the graphics look cool. I always liked that 8bitish style. Moving the sprites when they were talking is a really cheap way, but i think you've pulled it off succesfully. And to be honest, i couldn't think of a different way or you should have a black dot has a mouth. i dunno :/
The jokes were cool. You really made fun of the stereotypically (J)RPG that simply has been made too many times. Teenaged boys with swords the size of aircrafcarriers that could slice the moon in bitesized bricks. And the obvious pointless quest with an overtop twist of it being a greater power then his sword. ( For this to be true we never know! ).
I always wondered what a 'hero' did after completing a game. Defeating the greatest evil and restoring peace to the whole world.
Anyhow, thanks for the cool flash. I couldn't help myself for humming along with the Take On Me (8bit remix) song. Maybe it would be cooler to have the song of Simple minds - Don't you forget about me, while me main character walks off towards the sunset. With the farmer in the forground saying 'asshole' at the end. But that's just the way i envisioned it.

Goodluck with further productions.

hmm great!

i loved it. too bad there was only 1 guy to fight. ( well watch fighting that is)
would be great if you could choose the enemy and the good guy!
i think i saw some Bleach moves. Getsuga Tenchou ( or something )
and if noticed the Full Metal Alchemist trick to use things to make stuff.
Some sounds were from Super Smash Bros Melee and Unreal Tournement. and ofcourse Ryu...
and i believe some characters are based on animes right?
well i couldnt find all animes used but what the hell
it was a fun movie to watch. it was intresting and interactive. i liked those mini games. but they popped up suddenly. luckily my Spacebar survived.
animes were smooth at some points but at some times it was lacking graphics... a bit. would be cooler if you would make it with better graphics. more realistic but stil cartoony. maybe some structuers, trees or any other enviroument. objects that they use to fight eachother.
so, my qeustion is... is there ganna be a preqeul? i liked this very much :)



it was kinda nice idea. great art. a bit weird humour but the worst is the audio. ( and im not the only one complaining about ) you should considering subtitles or something.

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hmm yeah it was fun...

well its kinda funny game but it could do more.
first thing i noticed. when you the grey ball hits the bleu one ( the one which you have to controll ) you loose ALL your points. maybe thats to much. and the dragging got a bit annoying in the end. maybe you should try to make the cursor the bleu ball. that might work. also i havent really '' completed'' the game but so far you might include some intresting negative and positive powerups.
-no walls for 30 secs so it just swoops back instead of bouncing against the wall
- grey and bleu ball are switched so you only have to get to the nearest point but it might backfire because when it switches back.....
-the grey ball gets bigger
-short or no elastic chord/rope between the balls ( that sounds just weird )
well i bet you could think of more. keep it up. hoping you take my advice and make a better second version ;)


zian responds:

You loose only 5 points, not all the points ;)

Very good idea for switching balls !

uhm couldnt get to the second lvl

thanks for using my song ^.^ to bad i couldnt get to that!
somehow i didnt have enough money to pass the first level. i sold about 5 koopa shells and collected all the coins and still i couldnt pass it. ( about 1000 something money )
since you must collect coinse and stuff you must sell the shells at the shop which is at the beginning of the level. so maybe put more shops. also in a platform game i hate backtracking in the level's. that just dont feel right its kinda done this done that and it might get boring easily. nonetheless a nice effort and i liked the idea for the game. however collecting coins is a bit weird .. for like, which purpose? did bowser( or whatever person ) send him to get money for his new palace? ( maybe steal? ) wait.. bowser... nah wouldnt make sense since your beating koopa's .. maybe king boo is behind this! a nice story would be nice. els it would be just jumping around collecting money for no purpose at al!
i havent completed a lvl so i might disjudge it. so i give you an 8!

Krahs responds:

That sucks, thanks for the review though man.

nice but scary

nice the gun ending was the best ;)

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Never heard of drumstep before. Not sure if i like it or not.
Anyhow, I really love the dark atmosphere you got going here. The deep bassy synth. The violins. Weird chords (?).
Altough, i wish it would go a step further. Some more variation on the beat would be awesome. Maybe filter the beat or bass so it sounds cooler. At times it sounds a bit too choatic but i geuss that's drumstep? :p.
All in all, i like what you had going here but, i wish it would do a bit more then a simple repetive tune. Judging from your other works, i know you can do better then this :).


(eindelijk weer een andere nederlander gevonden, drop ff een review k? ^^ )

YouriX responds:

Yeah i made it for the lols so dont take to seriously. It is drumstep because of the drum pattren.
(Leuk ik zal mijn best doen )

Doesn't do it for me

Hmm my first impression was that it sounded like sped up electro house. But fine we will see where you are going with this.
I really like the almost 8bit synths in there. i would have prefered you did something that for a filler synth instead of that other giant synth you used. But fine, it's going to be trance.
so far 1:40, it sounds good. I don't know why you didn't make the bass more pronounced. it's like a really deep sine bass line. But i geuss you needed the room for the other synths.
I reached the break by now. I really like the pads in this one. The second pluckes sound amazing. ( better then first pluckes that were introduced ). Altough, i can't help but feel they might be from nexus. (Cough).
Imo, the build is really poorly done. BUT, you didn't go to a chorus. BUt to another break? I don't know why but imo it doesn't feel right. And you did the same thing with this break. When the 'full beat' finally kicks in the transition sounds really poorly done. In a way that it never really gets where it's building too.
Still same feeling. Kind of makes me think this is more one big intro then really a song. The melo is kind of weak i suspose, it's more or less a few paddy chords with some pluckes here and there. When you finally introduced a saw to take on the role of the lead synth the transition doesn't make it worthwhile.
The song is nearing it's end now. And i have to be honest, i'm kind of dissapointed. You could have taking this track so much higher, so much better into a final climax. Or did you want to make a more calm track? Or perhaps an anti climax?
Anti climaxes are fun to do but then the break has to be massive (imo).
Maybe i've set the bar too high. Lately you really impressed me with alot of your tracks. And i expected this song to be even better. Sadly, it didn't reach my expectations.
Altough, sound quality wise it's really good. Mixing is good. The choice of synths and sounds are nice. But that's not worth mentioning anymore in your songs. You surpassed the point where i could complain about those things.
Keep it up though helth! Make a song that WILL reach my expectations. i can't wait :).


Another tetris remix

Helth does have a point somewhere though,
He said that it was midi ripped, which it is.
And he said that the mastering was crap ( which it kind of is ). But i can't master for shit so i can't really argue with that. However, the tetris remix is been done before. And alot. I'm not entirely sure about the B variant ( It seems music b is less remixed ) But it still is from another game and not your own origenal work. I know you added that beat and it's 'different' then the origenal but imo it's not enough. I would like to see your skill in your own productions and then i can judge if your a good producer or not.
Either way, it's sort of made for the flash move Tetris'd. Since it's about tetris it should be obvious that the music is from tetris. If you think of it that way then yes, this is a good song.
The audio portal is a great thing, but we from the AP ( people like helth and me ) are kind of sick and tired of hearing midi rips that get high in the charts without much effort. Call it jealousness, call it whatever but as i recall we may have different oppinions here :).

Parkerman1700 responds:

This is not midiripped!! What are you all talking about? And please, explain, what is wrong with it?

Back to the midiripping:
1. What the heck is midiripping?
2. If its what I think it is, I actually searched for the song on youtube, and then copied the melody, FROM EAR, to FL studio's piano roll.

You should all stop being so conclusive, and stop making such bold assumptions.

Either way, you at least used logic, so I thank you for that.

I worked for a long time on this, if you need proof, I can send you the flp file, and you can see that it was all done by me, nothing "ripped."

Thank you.

Enjoy my music :D

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