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-YRX- Evol MokeyZ -YRX- Evol MokeyZ

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Never heard of drumstep before. Not sure if i like it or not.
Anyhow, I really love the dark atmosphere you got going here. The deep bassy synth. The violins. Weird chords (?).
Altough, i wish it would go a step further. Some more variation on the beat would be awesome. Maybe filter the beat or bass so it sounds cooler. At times it sounds a bit too choatic but i geuss that's drumstep? :p.
All in all, i like what you had going here but, i wish it would do a bit more then a simple repetive tune. Judging from your other works, i know you can do better then this :).


(eindelijk weer een andere nederlander gevonden, drop ff een review k? ^^ )

YouriX responds:

Yeah i made it for the lols so dont take to seriously. It is drumstep because of the drum pattren.
(Leuk ik zal mijn best doen )

"Ghana (Dream Mix)" - Etalo "Ghana (Dream Mix)" - Etalo

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Doesn't do it for me

Hmm my first impression was that it sounded like sped up electro house. But fine we will see where you are going with this.
I really like the almost 8bit synths in there. i would have prefered you did something that for a filler synth instead of that other giant synth you used. But fine, it's going to be trance.
so far 1:40, it sounds good. I don't know why you didn't make the bass more pronounced. it's like a really deep sine bass line. But i geuss you needed the room for the other synths.
I reached the break by now. I really like the pads in this one. The second pluckes sound amazing. ( better then first pluckes that were introduced ). Altough, i can't help but feel they might be from nexus. (Cough).
Imo, the build is really poorly done. BUT, you didn't go to a chorus. BUt to another break? I don't know why but imo it doesn't feel right. And you did the same thing with this break. When the 'full beat' finally kicks in the transition sounds really poorly done. In a way that it never really gets where it's building too.
Still same feeling. Kind of makes me think this is more one big intro then really a song. The melo is kind of weak i suspose, it's more or less a few paddy chords with some pluckes here and there. When you finally introduced a saw to take on the role of the lead synth the transition doesn't make it worthwhile.
The song is nearing it's end now. And i have to be honest, i'm kind of dissapointed. You could have taking this track so much higher, so much better into a final climax. Or did you want to make a more calm track? Or perhaps an anti climax?
Anti climaxes are fun to do but then the break has to be massive (imo).
Maybe i've set the bar too high. Lately you really impressed me with alot of your tracks. And i expected this song to be even better. Sadly, it didn't reach my expectations.
Altough, sound quality wise it's really good. Mixing is good. The choice of synths and sounds are nice. But that's not worth mentioning anymore in your songs. You surpassed the point where i could complain about those things.
Keep it up though helth! Make a song that WILL reach my expectations. i can't wait :).


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Tetris Remix Song B [Final] Tetris Remix Song B [Final]

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Another tetris remix

Helth does have a point somewhere though,
He said that it was midi ripped, which it is.
And he said that the mastering was crap ( which it kind of is ). But i can't master for shit so i can't really argue with that. However, the tetris remix is been done before. And alot. I'm not entirely sure about the B variant ( It seems music b is less remixed ) But it still is from another game and not your own origenal work. I know you added that beat and it's 'different' then the origenal but imo it's not enough. I would like to see your skill in your own productions and then i can judge if your a good producer or not.
Either way, it's sort of made for the flash move Tetris'd. Since it's about tetris it should be obvious that the music is from tetris. If you think of it that way then yes, this is a good song.
The audio portal is a great thing, but we from the AP ( people like helth and me ) are kind of sick and tired of hearing midi rips that get high in the charts without much effort. Call it jealousness, call it whatever but as i recall we may have different oppinions here :).

Parkerman1700 responds:

This is not midiripped!! What are you all talking about? And please, explain, what is wrong with it?

Back to the midiripping:
1. What the heck is midiripping?
2. If its what I think it is, I actually searched for the song on youtube, and then copied the melody, FROM EAR, to FL studio's piano roll.

You should all stop being so conclusive, and stop making such bold assumptions.

Either way, you at least used logic, so I thank you for that.

I worked for a long time on this, if you need proof, I can send you the flp file, and you can see that it was all done by me, nothing "ripped."

Thank you.

Dance Fakeout [WIP] Dance Fakeout [WIP]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is... Intresting

Now first of the 'fake' intro. I'm not so sure what a fake intro is, basically means the intro suggest an entirely different song then the rest is going to be? Well good job on that i suspose.
However the claps are really loud. Try softening that. The down pitch is nice. It's weird that it first goes up and then goes down.
Now the breakcore part. Yet again, i don't know anything about breakcore so it's hard to judge. It's sounds like extreme glitch or something :P. Wacky fast paced drums with stutters, gates and the likes. It doesn't follow a certain ritme like i'm used to from other EDM. To me it sounds too spastic. aaround 1.46 i really liked it and it ended :/. Maybe repeat such a ritme more often with variation each 4th bar? So we know there's a steady ritme going on. Maybe make a giant epic break. I like you had the idea of the bleeps and other misc. sounds. But then the break kind of fade's in. I would expect something more origenal. Maybe lots of reverb and highpass it?
I don't know, keep in mind i don't know anything of breakcore. But i like the xperimental aprouch of it. I can't stop thinking it should go back to it's roots more with using a more basic ritme. A melody would be great too but i doubt it would fit. Goodluck with the song. Keep it origenal =D


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poopr1221 responds:

Thanks for the review! Lots of suggestions in this! Just one thing dude. You said "Reverb and highpass". That's not really original =P That's such a common element of....well...every electronic music genre, including breakcore. Trust me, I do plan on adding synths to this, I just want to do the crazy drum programming without distractions of other elements. And it also seems I achieved goal of having an extremely fucked up breakcore track, with a rhythm that's difficult to follow =P Again, thanks for the review!

Eddie - iLYA Eddie - iLYA

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars



~ all seriousnessess though ~
You have alot of 'complex' synths going on for some reason. :) simple sqaures only sidechained, filtered and whatnot. They sound great especially for that soft-house-electro feel. On the other hand, it dragged the intro out ALOT. You could speed it up a bit imho. the beat is goodish. It could be better. The structure overall is kind of weird but you managed to pull it off nicely. I seem to like the sidechain more and more the song progresses. I expect some really big bass somewhere in this song but bleh. All in all, great song. Love the synts and sounds. Could use some work in either structure, intro or perhaps bass? It's a weird genre so i don't know :).
Keep it up

FL core!!! FL core!!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow amazing

Now i've heard ALOT of music on Newgrounds, but this takes the crown. It just has evrything i always wanted it. Sick beat, awesome bass, VOCALS. the melody is the best of all. You have talent man, pure talent. Please contineu on this idea you must! IT'S TOO AWESOME. So.. eh.. May i remix this piece of awesome? :D


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photosyntesen responds:

i know isnt this amazing and yes you can remix it if you want! xD

Final Destination - SSBM Final Destination - SSBM

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Oh no.. Oh yes?

... Where do i begin?
Let's start with the bad news. This sounds pretty close to a complete midi rip. It sounds like you took the midi from vgmusic whatever and copy pasted it in Edirol Orchrestral.
I'm not sure how experienced you are in producing but... bleh
Anyhow, the drums could use some more punch and you need to watch out with the gongs and crashes . They destroy your mix. The choir sample does that sometimes too ( too much reverb maybe). Try keeping those down and maybe cut of there low ends. And overal, you could add some more high ends. It sounds kind of bland and stale. Especially when you compare it to the origenal. now i do know you don't have a giant studio and tons of japanese sound editors capable of working on the track so i'll let that on slide.
Now good news,
I absolutely love SSBM and a bit SBBB. And the final destination is simply the most played stage ( With no items on ). Bonus points for that.
BUT! Minus points for a midi rip off. Not even trying to remix it , more or less just covering it.
Next time, make an own composition or create something mind-blowing like Nick-Perrin sometimes do. It maybe too much to ask but it doesn;'t hurt to try.
Now make us proud! Your in the Top 50 alltime afterall...


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CelestOrion responds:

My good sir, I do hope you realize that I write my own MIDI's and have begun uploading them to VGMusic. But yes, I did reference a bit from there for this piece, since I had a couple of parts that I needed work with.

Brave New World Brave New World

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So let's do thiz

I've been following you lately but mostly avoiding ever to review your songs. Mostly because i don't have something (witty) to say Oo. But i'll try my best to make some sort elaborate review.
Now i must admit, this sounds 'epic'. For some reason the way you change chords remind me of the Danny Elfmann style or Hans zimmer which is a compliment. It has a eerie and mysterious feel to it (That;s why i like Danny Elfmann too ). It also reminds me of a great door opening to a different world with wonders and magic beyond the horison. Geuss that's pretty much what you where going for and you succeeded.
Now, i did hear some synths in there i believe. If im not mistaken a Saw-ish pad but my ears tricked me before. What saddens me that it's actually just one HUGE buildup to absolutely nothing. You could easily extend it make it a proper classical song. ( Have no clue what you thought while making this ).

Your music sounds alot like Film-music, but also more then that. It captures an emotion, a scene or a moment while still doing something else. Geuss that's your magic touch. What i like about classical music is the amount of effort and detail can go in such large pieces. EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) in general copy paste alot and recycle patterns while simply adding stuff. Classical music tends to make things large, and adds small intruments for small details. It's like chocolate sprinkles on a delicious vanilla icecream .. Sorry i'm drifting off. The immens 'Wall o' Sound' feeling does apply to this song. How you did it i don't know. You also made it really realistic with mostly samples and synths (?). For quality like this i think of going to a show where real intruments play. But above all, it's good orchestrated and it sounds damn nice. Mixing is excellent too. I can't really add anything more then maybe extend it. Maybe add some more percussions like timpani's (?). I don't know the name of those intruments but you catch my drift, those low percussions. I also noticed you used a synthised choir if i'm not mistaken. It blends in really well. You tend to prefer strings above all other things don't you? Maybe try going for some midrange brass.

So in short. Excellent sound and melody. Would like an extended version.
It actually sounds like a movie trailer :/. If you would add a 'Massive' door unlocking sound effect around around 1.02 and some random quotes from the movie itself you would have an instant movie trailer. That's what 'They' do aswell.

I know you from the Unforgotten Realms theme song which is excellent btw. But i was really suprised when you got on Newgrounds. This isn't really the place for music like this. It actually saddens me that all of your songs got Zero-Bombed. You go fairly unoticed aswell. Might give you up for the underdog of NG. Maybe someday, i can also make stuff like that around my 30's :D.
Till then!!


nathanallenpinard responds:

Much thanks for the extensive review. I wanted to write more, but the time limit in the competition was really short.

Initially, the piece was written for a sci-fi experience, with the discovery of a Brave New World. Almost at the climax of the piece is when the world is scene with the sun peaking over it. A Brave New World that the fleet has been searching for, for ages.

hoverfast hoverfast

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Nice submission to create a genre contest.
Your main idea was classical trance AND breakbeat?
Well obviously the classical part are the strings ( which got a little bit too much reverb in my oppinion ). The strings sound really compressed too. The whole tracks sounds kinda compressed.
BUt alright reviewy time.
Like i said strings makes it classical. It's a nice build towards the breakbeat + synth. In general it's really hard to combine classical stuff with synthesized stuff. But you made it the easy way to keep them apart :P. Nevertheless it's a pretty good song. There's not much trance influence as i would expect. Yes i supose the synth is trance aswell as the plucked synth near the end. but you could rather go for more hard synths like dance or techno. but ohwell. The breakbeat part is obvious, it's just a breakbeat. But nothing more! :(. Which saddens me. I would expect some crazy drumrolls and loads of beat variation but there wasn't much of that. To be fair it did had some but i expected more. The bass is mostly siner or a low pad and that weird synth lol. Maybe, you could transform this in a crazy DNB song with a nice reese.
In overall. Nice idea, im afraid it's been done before but whatnot ey? The mixing leaves some wishes like over compressing and loads of reverb. The main melody didn't really pulled me in but that's excuse-able. Maybe more drums variation and more classical parts. Maybe you could make another one, not for this contest but just to improve your skills in classical + breakbeat. It might turn out in a real breathtaking song.

Goodluck with the contest may the best win >: D

Why not check out my entry?

EQualed responds:

longest review ever :P
i found this track difficult to mix, and its my first time making a classical part
i will admit your review is pretty much right.
i did put a tad too much reverb on the strings
and i forgot to make a vartation on the drums (STUPID :P)
but still pleased with the outcome.

and when has this been done!?
gota know now

anyways, good luck to you too :D

German Hard Trance YEHH German Hard Trance YEHH

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

In your face ? Yup

Oh god, f*** smooth intro's that kick gets in your face the moment you start the song. I love hardstyle and harddance in general so you got me there. But you did an amazing job. After the small intro the beat goes af and your greeted by a nice soft plucked (?) synth. I like you change the harder parts with softer breaks. And that way you keep balance in the song. The mixing is good altough sometimes the kick killes the bass and lead and distorts it around parts like a rolling kick.
I like your style. Keeping the lead and kick playing ( around 2.50 ) after the break is an good way to keep energy and actually extend the chorus. Maybe you could have played with the cutoff more at some parts like that but oh well. The song is well structered and it sounds good.

Tips: THe outro is a real let down. You could either just let the kick and bass play and remove something each 8 bar. Or you could have ended with a big bang. BUt you did neither :( you could easily fix that, it makes it a better complete song in my oppinion. And i want more of the arp around 0.30. Maybe you could have a small intro. Like the kick with the bass wihout the lead ( for a few seconds ) before going to the kick bass and lead immediatly. I kinda got suprised when i started this song, good bad? I dunno really depends on the listener.
Overall good song, i like your style. Still rough on some parts but nevertheless good job. Keep it up and í will probably hear more from you :). Goodluck producing.

Please check out my song ;D

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Teck071 responds:

The track was rushed, so no real time put into the structure, thank you though great review!!